What user onboarding means?

Long story short, is the process by which the user reaches “AHA moment”, a decisive step to become a recurrent customer and an evangelist for your product.
Think that’s the last part of the process that started with bringing on site and continuing with conviction to enroll. If you’re doing wrong this last step, you can say that for the other two waste money.

You say that the UX and UI of your application are flawless but people are different and have a “luggage” different from previous experiences. Perhaps you’re like me, that when you see a calendar icon, intuits that if you click there you will see a calendar. Or maybe not.
Therefore it is good to have detailed explanations for those elements that lead the user to the “must to know” of you product. These explanations are part of user onboarding strategy and are just an example of how this process could be implemented.

onboarding example

The “AHA moment”


By definition a product solve one or more problems. Take for example Google. It’s a mammoth with products from multiple domains but you first get on google.com where the goal is to do one action, a simple search. Their “AHA moment” is when you realize that their results are relevant and help you solve your problem in this way making you come back tomorrow, and even to tell your friends about usefulness. Google knows that once you’re “caught”, you will give greater confidence to other products they own and this is how their goal was achieved.

When is starting the onboarding process?

I said that there are three major processes through which visitors get to be customers, processes that can be managed by people / different teams.

  1. Promotion (bringing traffic)
  2. Enroll (conversion rate optimization)
  3. AHA moment (onboarding)

So onboarding process begins when the visitor has access to the application and his desire to reach the “AHA moment” is at its peak.

When it ends the onboarding process?

Never. Analyzing data, you’ll notice that there are customers who do not use a particular feature or as the last feature is not a success. And in this case, you must make sure that the clients get to AHA moment of that feature.

onboardX approach in user onboarding process

onboardX is a web platform that helps you implement the ideas you have about the onboarding in a professional and a fast method. Give it a try!

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