Don’t let your developers to do user onboarding

Developers think what they do is self-explanatory

The developers are logical persons. What they do is to implement logic in your product. The drawback for them to do user onboarding, is they apply the logic much more in detail than a regular user because they know any small implications and will overthink anything (which of course will result in a bad user onboarding process).

Between developers and customers should exist a person capable thinking as a customer and do the necessary adjustments over developer work (UX changes, documentation, anything needed).

Developers can’t think as a real customer

*only if the customer is a developer too

If a person is deeply involved in the development process of a product, that person will be biased when it comes to evaluating that product. Try to get evaluations from third parties for fair results.

Developers don’t have the aesthetic sense

The developers are creative people with rich imagination but unfortunately not a visual creativity. Most of them prefer to use #CCCCCC as the main color for everything because they know is neutral and can thank anyone. 🙂

Developers will hard code a lot

Hard coding mean to make a change in a program in such a way that they cannot be altered without modifying the program.

If you give a task to a developer to implement a walkthrough, most certain you’ll get intro.js

Do you want to change a word? Talk with the developer
Do you want to change the color theme? Talk with the developer + the designer
Do you want to disable temporarily the walkthrough? Talk with the developer.

All these come bundled with the fact that it can sometimes take several days for the most trivial changes, simply because implementation was hard coded and the deployment must be made as a core change.

The solution

onboardX is a web platform that helps you implement the user onboarding process without calling developers for any small change. Give it a try!

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